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fairy tales

once upon a time

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27 October
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I am 24-years-old and a native of Sacramento, CA. I went to college in Texas. I graduated in 2009 with a major in elementary education. Then, I taught fifth graders in Seoul, Korea for a year. I'm a Scorpio (or a Virgo now, as the case may be), born in the year of the Tiger. For personality tests, I am a INTJ, an Independent Thinker, a RCOAI, and an Enneagram 1w9, "The Reformer." I love reading, writing, drawing, gardening, fangirling over movies and tv shows, and a whole lot of stamping. You'll find my entries mostly contain bits about my life, the occasional meme, and reviews of various things. Feel free to friend me, and, as long as your journal is in English and appropriate, I'll for sure friend you back!
You can find some of my art on my deviantart page: Ninquetolliel.
See my graphics here: simple_seed
See my fanfic here: whitfic.
I am addicted to stamping communities, you can see my numerous stamps here: stamps. I am most often stamped as Jane Porter and Nala.
I am the creator of a sci-fi/fantasy stamping community: magic_machines;
and a animal stamping community: animal_stamps.
I am the creator of an everything goes claiming community: find_and_keep.


Newsboys, Elvis, Beach Boys, Tom Jones, Shaina Twain, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Earth Wind and Fire, Nightwish, David Crowder Band, Anberlin, Flogging Molly, Feist, The Classic Crime, Relient K, Angels and Airwaves, Hawk Nelson, K. T. Tunstall, The Postal Service, Switchfoot, Jason Harwell, Death Cab for Cutie, Flyleaf, The Postal Service, The Hush Sound
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Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins, Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Speed, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version), The Ghost and the Darkness, Sound of Music, Napoleon Dynamite, Remember the Titans, Rear Widow, Chocolat, Wait Til Dark, X-Men, Rudy, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Toy Story, National Treasure, Jurassic Park, The Fugitive, Cellular, I Robot, Phantom of the Opera, Cool Runnings, Flightplan, The Court Jester, Star Wars, Top Gun, Rocky, True Lies, 16 Blocks, Die Hard, Zoolander, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Transformers, Tarzan, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Robin Hood, Iron Man

Lost, House, Arrested Development, The Office, CSI Miami, Cold Case, Cops, Whose Line is is Anyway?, Seinfeld, Monk, My Name is Earl, The Mentalist, The Simpsons, Lie to Me, Dexter, Glee, In Plain Sight, Community, Firefly

The Bible, Jane Eyre, The DMZ, As Sure as the Dawn, Chronicles of Narnia, Pride & Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, The Scarlet Pimpernel, East, Princess Bride, Eragon, Treasure Island, The Last Sin Eater, The Hobbit, Spindle's End, CrossFire, A Voice in the Wind, The Screwtape Letters, Les Miserables, The House of the Scorpion, Lord of the Flies, An Echo in the Darkness, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Speak, Battle Dress, Three, Frank Peretti, Anne of Green Gables, Pirates!, Jesus Freaks, Twilight, Prey, State of Fear


fireman_jack is the Seth to my Leah and the Ron to my Ginny
kaelakaelakaela is the Pocahontas to my Jane
los_york is the Gyrffindor to my Hufflepuff
moosmiles is the Kala to my Jane
nicole_016 is the Jazz to my King
salveevery1 is the Ariel to my Jane & the Lucy to my Peter
savaburry is the Captain Jack Sparrow to my Elizabeth Swan
silvertigerx is the Charlie to my Claire and the Ariel to my Jane
uberta is the Peg to my Tramp, the Esmeralda to my Jane, and the fish to my reptile

[are we good friends? - comment with yours here.]


I am the JANE PORTER of LiveJournal.

I am the NALA of the Disney Female Blog Crew.

I claimed Bill/Fleur at slug & jiggers

I claimed Isolde's Ship with White Sails at princesse stamping ♥

I claimed Hans Gruber's walkie-talkie at VILLAINY STAMP CLAIMS

♥ ♥ I claimed Jane Eyre and Jane Porter as my Soulmates @ Soulmate Claims! ♥ ♥

Hadassah is my CLAIM.

IDK, my bff River Tam.

Mr. Darcy is my true love!

Seth Clearwater is my bf!

Antonio Banderas is my sexy-hot man @ claim ur celeb.

I claimed Hadassah ♥ Marcus over @ pairingclaimage!

i_dream_for Tarzan!

I claimed Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë at iam_book

I am the Maid Marian (Robin Hood 2010) and the Mattie Ross (True Grit 2010) of_eljey

I claimed
Character: Andrew
Item: Buffybot
Location: Caritas
Pairing: Angel/Cordelia

at sunnydalestamps†

I claimed
Temple: Temple of Agnostos Theos in Athens
Place: Alexandria in Egypt
Creature: Hippogriff
Attribute: Ariadne's Ball of Red Thread


I claimed
Species: Mustang
Famous Animals: Black Beauty
at animal_stamps

I claimed
Fantasy Character: Castiel
Sci-Fi Character: Rogue
Item: Dharma Van
Location: Tombs of the Ancient Kings
at magic_machines

I claimed
▸ Hot Fuzz ◂
▸ Remember the Titans ◂
▸ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ◂
▸ Speed ◂
▸ True Lies ◂
at claimyourmovie

I claimed
♦ Community ♦
♦ In Plain Sight ♦
♦ Leverage ♦
♦ Little House on the Prairie ♦
♦ Parks and Recreation ♦
at claima_show

I claimed
Character: Castiel
Item: Castiel's Handprint on Dean
Pairing:Dean/Castiel (friendship)
at spn_claims

I claimed
✘ Eustace Clarence Scrubb ✘
✘ Evie Carnahan-O'Connell ✘
✘ Hurley Reyes ✘
at claim_a_hero

I claimed
♥ Claire/Sawyer ♥
♥ Jeff/Annie ♥
at claim_otp

I claimed
❤ Eliot/Hardison/Parker ❤
❤ Sawyer/Miles/Jin ❤
❤ Colt/Wendy/Pinkus ❤
at claim_ot3

I claimed
Academia: Discipline:Interdisciplinary Studies
Actors: Modern: Liam Neeson
Actress: Classic: Audrey Hepburn
Actress: Modern: Sandra Bullock
Animation: Character: Jane Porter
Author: C. S. Lewis
Ballet: Cinderella
Character: Book: Cadi Forbes
Character: Movie: Annie Porter
Character: TV: Maeby Fünke
Color: Kelly Green #4CBB17
Comic Strip: The Far Side
Era: Wild West, western US, 1800-1920
Fashion: Fragrance: Chanel No. 5
Fiction: Crossover Pairing: Jill Pole & Ralph
Fiction: Death: Arab Swordsman shot by Indiana Jones
Fiction: Item: Books of History
Fiction: Place: Edoras
Flower: California Poppy
Games: Character: Miss Scarlet
Gemstone White Opal
Historical Individual: Martin Luther
Holiday: Independence Day (U.S.)
Landmass: Mount Whitney
Literature: Genre: Fairy Tales
Music: Musicians: Band: The Killers
Music: Song: Band: "The Poet" by The Classic Crime
Myth: Folklore:Annie Oakley
Myth: Greek: Ariadne
OTP: Gambit + Rogue
OT3: Claudia + Lestat + Louis
OT4: Charlie + Hurley + Jin + Sawyer
Place: City: Sacramento, California
Place: Region: Northern California
Relationship: Book: Sadie Rose York + Levi Cass
Relationship: Historical Laura Ingalls + Almanzo Wilder
Relationship: Movie: Jane Eyre + Mr. Rochester
Relationship: TV: Desmond + Penny
Space/Sky: Orion
Sports: Team: San Francisco 49ers
Stage: Character: Jean Valjean
Stage: Musical: Les Misérables
TV Show: Arrested Development
TV: Episode: Lost - 6.17+6.18 - "The End"
at find_and_claim

.Profile Info by NuttyMusings.
.Journal Layout by The Fulcrum.
.Mood Theme by Easy_to_Corrupt.

.most common stamps.
These are my most common stamps. They should let you know what kind of person I am!



I have been stamped as Jane Porter 10 times, Nala 9 times, Hermione 6 times, Mulan 5 times, Anya 5 times, Jessie 4 times, Dumbledore 4 times, Helen 4 times, Hercules 4 times, and Eilonwy 4 times.
I have been mirrored as Jane Porter 6 times, Jessica Stanley 3 times, and Cinderella 3 times.
You can all of my numerous stamps here.
action, adventure, aliens, angels, animagus, animals, archeology, arrested development, art, backpacking, batman, beauty, biking, bird watching, books, canoeing, challenge, challenges, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, claims, comedy, community, creativity, dancing, dinosaurs, disney, drabble challenges, drabbles, dragons, drama, drawing, education, elementary education, elements, emotion, fairy tales, fanart, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, ficlets, fics, fiction, firefly, fluff, folk tales, folklore, forest, gardening, green, harry potter, heroes, hih, hiking, historical fiction, hogwarts is home, hogwartsishome, hufflepuff, humor, icons, imagination, lord of the rings, lost, love, love of nature, memes, mission trips, mountains, movies, music, musicals, mutants, mystery, mythology, narnia, nature, novels, ocean, one shots, original characters, pairings, parks and rec, phantom of the opera, photography, pirates, poems, poetry, prompts, prose, quizzes, rain, rare pairings, rating, rating communities, reading, rivers, road trips, roller coasters, romance, sailing, school, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, seven brides seven brothers, short stories, singing, situations, skipping rocks, softball, stamping, stamping communities, stories, supernatural, swing dancing, tall tales, teaching, the beach, the chronicles of narnia, the office, thrillers, tolkien, traveling, true blood, true love, tv, twilight, vampires, wilderness, wind, woods, writers, writing, writing challenge, writing challenges, writing prompts, x-men

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