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Really Long Writing Style Meme

borrowed from phil_urich 
1. What was the first fic you ever wrote?

The first fic that I’ve posted is “Monster in the Mirror” but I’ve written a few other fics previously that I’ve never posted here.

2. What's your most recent work?
Right now, it’s a set of 3 drabbles that I wrote for hp_wishes for the Pansy Parkinson theme. I think she’s a super fun character to write.

3. What do you think you're best at (genre, style, theme)?
Genre: other than general, the most fics I have are introspection/character study, humor/comedy, and romance fluff – I write others, but I like these the most
Style: I’m best at description and multiple meanings or metaphors. I often try to weave in an underlying symbol or have the characters act differently than they are speaking. I’m also good at quirky. I also like to reveal a surprise at the end and letting people make their own conclusions about what’s going on. I wonder how many get the same ideas that I meant them to!
Theme: People’s actions betraying their words; true love; oddness; happy endings; opposites attract.

4. What would you like to be better at?
Dialogue; sometimes I feel good about it and sometimes the whole thing just feels awkward. I also wish I would write some every day, but it takes a bit to get me going. I also tend to use too many clichés; I am of the opinion that never using them has become a cliché itself, so I don’t worry if I do use a couple, but I can rely too much on them.

5. Which of your works do you think best represents you as a writer?
“Three Times No” is an earlier work, but I still think it represents me well. It features two minor characters, Marcus and Alicia, who I was able to flesh out. They are both opposites that fight childishly in the beginning, but end up… I used a lot of humor in this and I think the dialogue turned out better than usual.

“That Song” is another good example. I love writing Luna, but dislike how many people write her. I also have a different view of Draco than most people. I think he’s more of bully than a rebel; more spoiled than hurt; and more selfish than misunderstood. I just think people try to either make him an absolute villain or a great big softie with a heart of gold who no one understands. Anyway, this story features Luna and Draco as how I see them. Also, it includes some hints to Draco’s past that I don’t give away, but leave the reader to fill in the blanks. (But if you want to know – I figure that, rather than his parents, Dobby sang Draco lullabies.)

6. What's your favorite story you've ever written?

I tend to write stories that I enjoy reading. Basically, I write for myself and hope that others will enjoy them too, so I have a lot of favorites.
“Knocked Over and Out” is one of my favorites. It was the first time I’d written Pansy and I think it came out well. I also decided that Weasley boys had been so trained by their mother that they always used their manners no matter what was going on. I think it’s an interesting beginning that I’d like to continue someday.

“Two Wrongs” features creepy!Ginny and a sweet, big brother Cedric. The timeline makes no sense, but that’s okay – I can always say it’s AU. I’m not fond of Ginny, she was all right in the first few books, but I disliked how she changed into one of the popular/flirty/sporty girls that always annoyed me in high school. So this features my (and her!) revenge.

“True Love” is totally dorky, but it makes me smile and, party bonus, features eight Princess Bride quotes. I had a prompt of just one quote, but couldn’t stop myself. More Luna and Marcus acting loony and mean, but it doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending.

7. What's your favorite scene/chapter you've ever written?
Gabrielle meets her future brother-in-law in “The Real Girl."
Fleur scolds Draco in “Blond(e)s Have More Fun.”
Oliver declares his undying love to Hermione in “Scientific Pursuits.” (I’m such a dork) (This also contains my ill-advised attempts at recreating a Scottish brogue, which Oliver doesn’t even really have, dummy!)

8. What's your favorite passage or line you've ever written?
"Well done, Luna," Ron grinned as he picked himself up off the ground, dusting off his filthy clothes. "I thought you were going to use magic to make something fall."
As she slipped her orange shoe back on, Luna looked at him, puzzled, "I thought my shoe would be more surprising."
Mildly kicking a prone Death Eater in the back, Ron smirked, "I guess it was." They headed together to the door. "We need to make it downstairs to everyone else. There are Death Eaters all along the way though."
Luna took his hand in hers, "we’ll just have to be careful. They’ll be fools to mess with us!" As they crept along the darkened corridor, Luna could be heard whispering, "Remember how we used to sneak down to the Room of Requirement, hiding from Filch the whole way?"
"Yeah, Luna, I remember."
From “All the Memories”

9. Have you ever written something that you found really upsetting, that you almost couldn't bring yourself to write?
I think sometimes I disturb myself. “Loyal” features Neville trying to breathe life into a dead Hermione. (Do wizards even use CPR!?!)
“One Last Time” and “Dust and Grime” both include dark!Harry, which is the only fun Harry to write in my opinion. Also both include the most smut that I’ll write.

10. Which (if any) of your works represents a departure from your usual style, you taking a risk and trying something new? Do you think it worked?
“Pale Moon” talks about a more sympathetic Lavender than I usually cast her as. I think it worked all right; it’s a short piece.

11. Who's your favorite character to write? Who do you think you write best?
Luna is definitely my favorite character to write. She’s just so fun and spontaneous, yet never as clueless as people think. I like writing her as the voice of reason, although everything she does contradicts that.
Percy is also fun to write. I think he gets a raw deal in a lot of stories. I knew he was going to return to his family, and I held out for him throughout the books. Thus I try to show how his actions are understandable, if still not good.

12. Name five things that typically characterize your work.
a. Weasley boys being gentlemen
b. Light vs. darkness
c. Weather that reflects or ignores emotions
d. Pairings that really shouldn’t work
e. Creative descriptions that set the mood

13. List the projects you're working on right now or have coming up in the near future.
a. I am trying to complete my 10x10 table of students to get as many pairings as possible
b. My 100_women table fits in nicely with that
c. I joined hp_wishes recently, and I’d like to grant some wishes
d. I am thinking about starting my first multi-chapter fic with the ridiculous, but always fun harem theme. Have any random pairings you’d like to see? I’ll see what I can do!

14. How do you think your writing has changed since you first started?
I’ve become more confident for sure. When I first started I really hoped that no one would read my stories. However, I’ve received a few positive comments, which is really encouraging. Now, while I still feel sensitive, I’m a lot braver.

15. Describe yourself as a writer in five words or less.
Creative, random, impulsive, romantic, bewildering.

16. Links to any archives or websites where you have your work.

Everything is here on my site, but a few stories are on other lj communities. Nothing major.
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