May 5th, 2011

Tarzan: Jane reading

My tweets

  • Wed, 14:45: The object of every game ever is to win.
  • Wed, 14:50: Fashion Designers
  • Wed, 15:26: Why does my insist on telling me that "loud ringtones can damage my hearing?" it's not like I hold my phone to my ear waiting for it to ring
  • Wed, 16:14: am I bored, or just boring?
  • Wed, 19:57: got the border for the deck finished :)
  • Wed, 20:04: Nessie, chickies are friends, not food!
  • Wed, 21:51: Are we human? Or are we dancers? #stuckinmyhead
  • Thu, 00:13: So I get 2,500 words written in a story then feel the need to change to first person. Sigh. BRB re-writing the whole, dang thing
  • Thu, 00:18: So Thor is coming out on Friday and NOT Thursday aka Thor's Day? - way to miss a clever marketing theme, guys
  • Thu, 00:53: @rhyejess I did not know that :) too bad they couldn't make an exception!
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