Whitney (wawwhite) wrote,

List of Fictional Stamps

Abigail Adams at historicalstamp 
Anne Bonny at villainy_stamp 
Artemis at elementals_ 
Briseis at greekmyth_stamp 
Cilissa at literaryheroine 
Claudia Acte at princesse_stamp  
Erato at greekmyth_stamp 
Elizabeth I at alluneedislurf 
Empress Cixi at villainy_stamp 
Freyja at princesse_stamp
Hekuba at greekmyth_stamp 
Hestia at greekmyth_stamp 
Isis at egypt_stamping 
Isolde at princesse_stamp  
Nephelai at greekmyth_stamp 
Paregoron at greekmyth_stamp 
Persephone at greekmyth_stamp 

Daniel Webster at politicalstamps 
Dioskouroi at greekmyth_stamp 
Hermes at greekmyth_stamp 
Jeffrey Dahmer at villainy_stamp 
King Arthur at magic_machines 
Odysseus at greekmyth_stamp 
Senator Jim DeMint at politicalstamps 

Addy Walker at literaryheroine 
Alice Cullen at ratingtwilight 
Anne Elliot at janeausten_rate 
Beatrice at actress_rate 
Bella Swan at ratingtwilight 
Dolores Umbridge at villainy_stamp 
Eleanor Tilney at literaryheroine 
Elizabeth Bennett at pandp_stamp
Galadriel at cinemastamps 
Gemma Doyle at literaryheroine 
Gretel at literaryheroine 
Helga Hufflepuff at hh_stamping 
Hermione Granger at cinemastamps 
Hermione Granger at hogwarts_stamps
Hermione Granger at hp_stamps 
Hermione Granger at hp_stamps 
Hermione Granger at magic_machines 
Hermione Granger at random_fan_stmp 
Hermione Granger at slugandjiggers 
Hermione Granger at youngadult_rate 
Hermione Granger at wizardingworld_ 
Jadis the White Witch at literaryheroine 
Jane Eyre at literaryheroine 
Jane Eyre at princesse_stamp 
Jane Eyre at princesse_stamp 
Jane Eyre at tv_heroines 
Jo March at literaryheroine 
Katie Bell at literaryheroine 
Katniss Everdeen at magic_machines 
Katniss Everdeen at random_fan_stmp 
Margaret Hale at timelessladies
Molly Weasley at hp_stamps 
Mrs. Everdeen at youngadult_rate
Nancy Drew at literaryheroine 
Nymphadora Tonks at potterpeople 
Polly Plummer at magic_machines 
Princess Ozma at princesse_stamp 
Renata at ratingtwilight 
Rosalind at literaryheroine 
Rose Hathaway at youngadult_rate 
Saphira at magic_machines 
Savannah Curtis at sparks_stamps 
Tanya at ratingtwilight 
Violet Baudelaire at literaryheroine 
Wicked Fairy Godmother at villainy_stamp 

Albus Dumbledore at cinemastamps 
Albus Dumbledore at hp_stamps 
Albus Dumbledore at youngadult_rate 
Aro at magic_machines 
Aro at twilightstamps 
Artemis Fowl at magic_machines 
Arthur Weasley at hp_stamps 
Carlisle Cullen at twilightstamps 
Caspian X at magic_machines 
Cedric Diggory at hp_stamps 
Cedric Diggory at magic_machines 
Cedric Diggory at random_fan_stmp 
Charlie Swan at ratingtwilight 
Christian Ozera at youngadult_rate
Claude Frollo at villainy_stamp 
Dracula at bsdracula_stamp 
Eustace Clarence Scrubb at literaryheroine 
Gale Hawthorne at random_fan_stmp 
Garrett at ratingtwilight 
Hazel at magic_machines 
Jasper Hale at ratingtwilight
Neville Longbottom at magic_machines 
Laurent at ratingtwilight 
Legolas at cinemastamps 
Legolas at magic_machines 
Louis Pointe du Lac at villainy_stamp 
Lupine Wonse at villainy_stamp 
Peeta Mellark at youngadult_rate 
Peter Pevensie at disney_heroes
Peter  Pevensie at narnia_s 
Philip "Pip" Pirrip at literaryheroine 
Regulus Black at hp_stamps 
Samwise Gangee at magic_machines
Shylock at villainy_stamp 
Tumnus at narnia_ratings 

Alice at burton_beauties 
Amelia Earhart at actress_rate 
Andy Sachs at actress_rate 
Anna Coleman at disneymovierate 
Anna Foster at actress_rate 
Annie Braddock at actress_rate 
Ariadne at inceptionstamp 
Bailey Pickett at disney_heroines
Barbara Novak at actress_rate 
Cady Heron at cinemastamps 
Cigar Girl at villainy_stamp 
Danielle de Barbarac at alluneedislurf
Dr. Chase Meridian at cinemastamps 
Dr. Grace Augustine at magic_machines 
Elizabeth I at actress_rate 
Elizabeth Swann at disney_heroes  
Elizabeth Swann at disney_heroes  
Elizabeth Swann at magic_machines
Evelyn O'Connell at actress_rate 
Evelyn O'Connell at villainy_stamp 
Evey Hammond at actress_rate 
Gracie Hart at actress_rate 
Gray Wheeler at actress_rate 
Isabel Lahiri at actress_rate 
Isla Lund at actress_rate 
Jo Stockton at actress_rate 
Josephine Bloom at burton_beauties 
Julie Child at actress_rate 
Juliet (Love Actually) at actress_rate 
Juno MacGuff at cinemastamps 
Katrina Van Tassel at actress_rate 
Lana Thomas at disney_heroes  
Lara Croft at actress_rate 
Lelaina Pierce at actress_rate 
Lisa Swenson at actress_rate 
Luminara Unduli at starwarsstamps
Maria von Trapp at actress_rate 
Marla Singer at cinemastamps
Mary Poppins at womenofdisney_r
Meg Giry at phantom_rate 
Mina Murray at vampire_stamp
Mrs. Bucket at burton_beauties 
Mrs. Lovett at actress_rate 
Mrs. Lovett at bway_stamp 
Mrs. Lovett at helena_stamps 
Ms. Edmonds at actress_rate
Needy Lesnicki at actress_rate 
Nola at actress_rate 
Nyota Uhura at magic_machines 
O-Ren Ishii at cinemastamps 
Olive Penderghast at youngadult_rate
Polly Prince at actress_rate 
Rose DeWitt Bukater at actress_rate 
Sam Montgomery at actress_rate 
Samantha Baker at alluneedislurf 
Sarah Ashley at actress_rate 
Sarah Williams at actress_rate 
Shosanna Dreyfus at quentin_stamps 
Sister Luke at audrey_rate 
Sophie Fisher at actress_rate 
Taffy Dale at burton_beauties 
Vanessa Loring at cinemastamps 
Veruca Salt at burton_beauties 
White Queen at disneymovierate
Yvaine at magic_machines 

Adam (Beetlejuice) at burton_beauties 
Arthur (Inception) at magic_machines 
André Marek at magic_machines 
Beinstock at cinemastamps 
Benjamin Gates at disney_heroes  
Bert at womenofdisney_r  
Cameron James at cinemastamps 
Charlie Bucket at burton_beauties 
Charlie Conway at disneymovierate
Christopher Pike at startrek_rate 
Criminologist at cinemastamps 
Darth Tyranus at villainy_stamp 
Edward Scissorhands at burton_beauties 
Ichabod Crane at burton_beauties 
Indiana Jones at magic_machines 
Jack Ryan at owen_stamp 
Jedediah (Night at the Museum) at owen_stamp 
Jigsaw Killer at villainy_stamp 
John Darling at peterpan_stamps
John Tyree at sparks_stamps 
Keith Nelson at alluneedislurf
Lieut. Archie Hicox at basterds_rating 
Michael Corvin at magic_machines 
Obi-Wan Kenobi at starwarsstamps
Pai Mei at quentin_stamps 
Pavel Chekov at magic_machines
Ray Stanz at paranormalstamp 
Rober Fischer at inceptionstamp 
Shaun at cinemastamps 
Spock at magic_machines 
Toby (Sweeney Todd) at burton_beauties 
Troy Bolton at actors_rate 
Wilbur Wright at owen_stamp 
Young Masbeth at burton_beauties 

Alice Hamilton at magic_machines 
Anna Milton at magic_machines 
Annie Edison at tvstamping 
Catherine Madison at sunnydalestamps 
Claire Bennet at tv_heroines 
Claire Littleton at dharmarate 
Claire Littleton at magic_machines 
Dark Willow at sunnydalestamps 
Dr. Camille Saroyan at tvstamping 
Emma Pillsbury at gleerating
Ellen Harvelle at tvstamping 
Fred Burkle at sunnydalestamps
Jessica Hamby at truebloodstamps 
Karen Filippelli at tvstamping 
Kaylee Frye at magic_machines 
Lily Aldrin at tvstamping 
Lois Lane at tv_heroines 
Monica Geller at tvstamping 
Pam Beesly Halpert at office_stamps 
Quinn Fabray at gleestamps 
Quinn Fabray at tvstamping 
Sammi Giancola at tvstamping 
Sookie Stackhouse at tvstamping 
Sydney Bristow at magic_machines 
Trudy Monk at random_fan_stmp 

Abed Nadir at tvstamping 
Angelus at villainy_stamp 
Alex Krycek at villainy_stamp 
Castiel at magic_machines 
Charlie Pace at tvstamping 
Christ Larabee at random_fan_stmp 
Daniel Faraday at magic_machines 
Daniel "Oz" Osbourne at sunnydalestamps 
Dean Winchester at tvstamping 
Desmond Hume at dharmarate 
Dr. Charles Kroger at random_fan_stmp 
J. D. at tv_heroines 
Jason Stackhouse at tvstamping 
Malcolm Reynolds at magic_machines 
Pavel Checkov at random_fan_stmp 
Ryan Howard at tvstamping 
Seeley Booth at tvstamping 
Sweet Demon at sunnydalestamps 
The Doctor at magic_machines 
Vinny Guadagnino at tvstamping 
Will Schuester at tvstamping 
William Riker at startrek_rate 

Ariel at bway_stamp 
Betty Rizzo at bway_stamp 
Elphaba at random_fan_stmp 
Glinda at bway_stamp 
Tracy Turnblad at bway_stamp 

Fiyero at random_fan_stmp 
Mark Cohen at bway_stamp 
Munkustrap at bway_stamp 

Batgirl at magic_machines 
Betty Ross at actress_rate 
Dr. Liz at random_fan_stmp 
Emma Frost at villainy_stamp 
Mary Jane Watson at actress_rate
Mystique at magic_machines 
Mystique at villainy_stamp
Pepper Potts at actress_rate
Rogue at superherostamps 
Shadowcat at magic_machines 

Batman at burton_beauties 
Batman at gothamrating 
Batman at nolanverserate
Cyclops at magic_machines 
Cyclops at superherostamps 
Jim Gordon at gothamrating 
Robin at magic_machines 
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