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Sooooo busy....

So how've you been? I feel like I haven't been around in forever, but I have, lurking & stamping & reading up on everyone else. I just haven't made time to post myself.

❝what fictional character am i?❞

It'd be cool if you could give me a Disney & a non-Disney character (or just say Jane Porter, whatevs :D ).

Thanksgiving was wonderful. My dad's sister, my Aunt Joanne, came to visit from St. Louis for the weekend. My aunt & uncle from Germany were also in town for missionary things, so they got to stick around too. So we had a nice, full house. My grandmother was well-behaved, and there was very little drama.

Yesterday, we had tryouts for junior high girls basketball at the school I went to. My bff Katelyn & I are coaching it. We're going to have so much fun & it's a great group of girls.

I'm sick. Just a sore throat and a nasty cough, but it's a pain. Fortunately, I have nothing after practice today for the rest of the week.

Katelyn & I are going to Disneyland next week! :D I'm so excited!! We're going to have way too much fun!!

Soooo many!
Anna - meh, I'm more like the mom
Morgana - no idea... I haven't seen this one. I never get the same Disney villains.

tomato - yummy
grassland - I've been stamped at least twice as mountain at this comm, but I guess I was more grassy & flat that day :)

Monica GellerRyan HowardKaren Filippelli
Monica - I haven't watched much of friends, but I have to agree with Monica
Ryan - WHAT? do I come across as a backstabbing creep? really?
Karen - better than Ryan

Jo March
literaryheroine Jo's the perfect fit

BatmanSan Antonio - Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Batman!!!! Yes!
San Antonio - everyone was like, "You'll like San Antonio, it's hot." Hold on. I didn't say I HAD to have hot, I just don't mind it... and I HATE humidity. I lived in East Texas & it's humid. Yuck.

greekmyth_stamp wow! I actually know who Briseis is AND I like her

bway_stamp no idea

Dog Patronus
hp_stamps :) my 2nd dog patronus stamp!

ShylockAction HorrorLupin Wonse
Shylock - you know, I have a vague memory of reading part of the Merchant of Venice in elementary school, but I have no idea if I'm like Shylock
Action Horror - yep, that and comedy horror are what I like
Lupine Wonse - no idea who he is - a dragon?

1200 Italia
ratingtwilight sure

Harry Potter and the Deathly HollowsShell CottageTom Riddle's Diary
Deathly Hallow - my 2nd least favorite. I never do well on book themes.
Shell Cottage - perfect fit.
Tom Riddle Diary - nope. Probably because I said I like books.

Giselle's crown
animated_royals super cute

HermioneDumbledoreRose HathawayChristian Ozera
Hermione & Dumbledore!?!?!? AGAIN!?!?! ... :D
Rose & Christian - no idea, but sure

pixar_stamps haha :)

Christ Pine
alluneedislurf works for me!

EilonwyPrince PhillipInception
Eilonwy - I know most people don't like her because the movie is pretty lame, but she's not a bad heroine, and she fits me pretty well
Phillip - WIN! he's always been my favorite prince
Arthur - the best fit

Flo - maybe
Charlie - I am the opposite of Charlie (at least as well as I can remember), maybe he fits towards the end of the movie, IDEK
Arabian - one of my favorites :)
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