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dogs + superheroes + stamps = an awesome post

Funny Story: About 5 days ago my dad saw a little chihuahua running around in our front yard. So he and I went out and were trying to get it to come over to us, when a blonde lady in a big black pickup came roaring down our street looking for her dog. She's was very grumpy, "bad dog," and all that.
Soooo yesterday morning, I'm looking out the front window when I see this big, white streak of a dog come tearing through our front yard. I go out side and see this huge white dog, almost German Shepherd like with brown ears, treeing this cat a few houses down. I walk down to it, calling it, remembering all my Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer tricks. Once it calms down a bit, it's real friendly and licks my hand. I can't get it to follow me, but I walk back to my house to ask my mom what to do. As soon as I get back to our driveway, the SAME big black pickup comes roaring down the street with grumpy blonde lady yelling, "Have you seen a big, white dog!?" I point and say, "He's running around in those yards back there." So without turning her truck around (she must have passed him) she roars down the street in reverse and around the corner. I run down and see her stopping, so I assume she's found the dog.

Crazy Lady - stop losing your dogs!!

the SUPER POWER meme !

stamp,theme,Prince,Snow White,couple,love,relationship,alluneedislurf
alluneedislurf  - hold on, did I not say that it takes me a long time to get comfortable around someone? - I am not the love at first sight kinda girl --- oh well, I'll probably re-stamp eventually when I finish all the others -- and I screened my votes too! :P

stamp,theme,wicked fairy godmother,villainy_stamp,villain,fairytale
villainy_stamp  right on - she's pretty awesome in the fairy tale; from a point of view, it really isn't her fault to begin with - king & queen should have remembered to invite the most powerful fairy in the land.... and spinning wheel is a pretty unique curse, though not very effective

stamp,theme,Belle,Belle's voice,Beauty and the Beast,animated_roayls
animated_royals  - I'm quite happy with this one - I got Giselle for another voice theme

stamp,theme,Phoebe,animate_babes,Magic School Bus,Nelvana
animate_babes  awwww Phoebe, I pretty sure she was my favorite too!

innocent kiss,kiss,stamp,theme,alluneedislurf
alluneedislurf  erm... none of the options really fit me, but this is fine

(Can't you tell, I'm just not a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely romantic!?)

Disney Hotties Countdown NEVERMIND.... I'LL TRY IT TOMORROW! >:C and now I'm off to make a new theme for magic_machines  so fasten your seatbelts!
Tags: meme, ☛ life, ♲ superhero

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