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So my first two days went wonderfully!

I teach fifth grade btw, with 28 students - 18 of which are boys! They're an active class, but fortunately I've learned a lot of techniques for class management and things are going very well. It's going to be a great year. I'll have to post more with some of the fun things they do.

In other news, I'm broadening my multi-cultural experiences and I've (finally) started watching Doctor Who. And yes, I'm a glutton for doing things the hard way, and I'm starting at the very beginning with the First Doctor* I keep reading that newbies should just start with the reboot, but I want the full Britishish experience. I don't want to be looked down upon by the real fans (I mean, anymore than I already should be looked down upon).

*new lingo that I've learned

Uptil now, my vague understanding of Doctor Who was that there was doctors, not called "Doctor Who" who maybe went around time with Compnaions and idek solved mysteries or changed history or something. Also something with a British phone booth and it was called a Tardis. And they fought Daleks.

I've also learned that it's pronounced DAH-leks not DAY-leks like my ignorant American self was saying.

I must say, it's been pretty fantastic so far. That theme song is pretty dang sweet.

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hair coloring

I tried to color my hair this color: A product thumbnail of Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color and ended up with this color: A product thumbnail of Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color

It's almost black and a lot darker than I wanted. But I'm okay with it. It could be worse - like green or something.

I start teaching THIS THURSDAY! It's coming up so quickly. I have been so incredibly busy this summer. I've done almost nothing but work at school or lay around the house, exhausted.

I'm super excited for it to start though!
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life or some semblance of it

So I've been working like a dog! Both in teaching summer school and getting my new classroom ready. And house-sitting, dog-sitting, and kitten-sitting. And almost literally nothing else.

I did see Brave. Perfection. Loved it. So much good stuff!

My classroom is going to have an ocean theme, so I've been gathering up all my seashells and make decorations with them. I'll have to put up pictures when I get things in some sort of order. It's tough coming into a new classroom where the last teacher who was only there for a year left all the previous teacher's filing cabinets and cupboards and closets full of stuff. SO MUCH STUFF. But my mom and dad (and brother and friend) have been helping me lots, and I'm making a dent.


If you like, you can find me more on my tumblr - http://wawhite.tumblr.com/ - I post funny stuff and a minor amount of graphics there more often than here.

I need a new layout. Hahahaha. That's gonna take me a long, long, long time.
Internety stuff:
  1. post the next chapter of a fic I'm working on (that has taken me far, far, far too long)
  2. graphics thing on tumblr
  3. figure out what I'm going to do with my communities, because I'm a total loser - I thought they would pick up last summer... but I think everyone needs a break from stamping... I hope someday we'll all start back up!! :)
  4. a million other little things I want to do
  5. new theme for lj
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Today I'm going to my new classroom and organizing things! They painted the walls either yesterday or the day before, so things will be ready for me to start putting things in order. The teacher before me was only here one year and she did her own thing so all the stuff from the previous teacher is still here - and she had everything! So many papers and copies and books and craft ideas to go through. Will I never use it? Should I keep it just in case? Is this something I actually want? Seriously, there's 6 drawers in 2 filing cabinets full of semi-organized papers. There's around 300 books, I'd say too. Plus all the stuff that's just covering the desks because I had to get everything away from the walls. It's a huge task! And I'm crying a lot on the inside. The other teachers keep asking me if I'm getting overwhelmed, and I'm even trying to say no, I'm fine - it's a definite yes.

Once I get a handle on just the classroom being organized, I have to start planning all the lessons. Starting with the fact that I have all the books in my room at home and am trying to just figure out the general sequence of things, my principal tells me I don't have to cover everything - but I'm like, "What can I leave out!?" If she's here today, I'm going to ask her what I don't need to teacher - because, like with history - unless we're doing 4 chapters a month, there's no way it's going to fit. Plus, it's American history and there's no way you can cram all those wars into anything less than a month. I've really only looked at history and math so far - but I had to stop myself because I was moving things around and cutting them up and realized, what if no of this was okay with my principal and I did all that work for nothing?

So, yes, I'm overwhelmed - but I'm doing a bit every day - and it is the beginning of summer. I have time. I just can't give up!

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming!
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I really, really need to start posting here more

I got a job teaching fifth grade at my old school! I'm super excited (and scared and nervous and lazy and pumped and weird and everything)! It's definitely going to be strange working with some of my old teachers, but I've been subbing a lot and working in the after school care, so that makes it easier. I'm still waiting for the old teacher to move all her stuff out, but I'll be going in on Monday to check my room out. I heard they're painting first, so I still won't be able to do anything yet, but it will be helpful to get a picture of how things will look.

Anyways, I've been busy just with regular life and this new job is gonna wear me out - but I'm so thankful to have it!

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