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life or some semblance of it

So I've been working like a dog! Both in teaching summer school and getting my new classroom ready. And house-sitting, dog-sitting, and kitten-sitting. And almost literally nothing else.

I did see Brave. Perfection. Loved it. So much good stuff!

My classroom is going to have an ocean theme, so I've been gathering up all my seashells and make decorations with them. I'll have to put up pictures when I get things in some sort of order. It's tough coming into a new classroom where the last teacher who was only there for a year left all the previous teacher's filing cabinets and cupboards and closets full of stuff. SO MUCH STUFF. But my mom and dad (and brother and friend) have been helping me lots, and I'm making a dent.


If you like, you can find me more on my tumblr - http://wawhite.tumblr.com/ - I post funny stuff and a minor amount of graphics there more often than here.

I need a new layout. Hahahaha. That's gonna take me a long, long, long time.
Internety stuff:
  1. post the next chapter of a fic I'm working on (that has taken me far, far, far too long)
  2. graphics thing on tumblr
  3. figure out what I'm going to do with my communities, because I'm a total loser - I thought they would pick up last summer... but I think everyone needs a break from stamping... I hope someday we'll all start back up!! :)
  4. a million other little things I want to do
  5. new theme for lj

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